CS-260:  Specialized Research in Computer Networks

Instructor: Michalis Faloutsos

Office: 323 Engineering Buidling II.
Email: michalis@cs.ucr.edu

This is a highly specialized seminar with the intention of producing high quality research papers at the end of the quarter. This is not recommended it as a filler seminar. It is intended for students that already have a solid background in networks and want the opportuinity to do research. The expectations of the outcome are very high. If you want to explore the area, I recommend a CS 279 instead.

You need to come and see me before enrolling in the class.

Students should alreayd have topic in mind, which I should agree to supervise (must be within my expertise).
In addition, students will be expected to attend our weekly research group meetings (join the "wireline" mailing list -wireline@lists.cs.ucr.edu- for that).

In the first week, interested students should arrange for one to one meetings with me to jump-start their research projects. Please come prepared with your topic, ready to defend the idea, and a non-trivial literature understanding. In the first week, we will not meet in the classroom.

Keep in mind that Thu and Friday of the first week, I will be away.