Network Routing

M. Faloutsos

Mon Wed Fri: 4:10pm-5:00pm,  MSE 011
Office hours: Send me an email when you want to come to guarantee that I meeting and avoid collisions:
Mon and Wed 5:10-6:00
The course will cover fundamental issues in network routing
and go into details to show the interesting research topics that exist.

Project Proposal is due TBD.

The list of papers is NOT updated yet.

Main Topics: 1) BGP routing, 2) routing in ad hoc networks, 3) issues on network measurements
and modeling of Internet routing, 4) rumour and epidemic propagation, and 5) security issues.

Information about the quiz.  Option: we won't have a quiz, as long as participation and attendance is strong.
Please read carefully as I will be updating with material and pointers.

IMPORTANT: Register and check the class mailing list:
I will be announcing useful information on projects and the quiz.

Most lecture slides are online. Note for now I have the slides from last year, so check with me for updates.
Our schedule for presentations (not updated yet).

Grading: We will have a project and  a quiz.
Project (70%) requiring a project proposal in mid-course (proposal = 10% as part of the 70%)
Quiz  (10%)  (potentially waved)
Presentations (10%) - research papers and maybe your projects
Participation (10%)
In-class participation is expected and so indirectly attendance.

FOR THE PROJECT: start searching for a topic early! You can pick your own project after consultation with me.
Teams of three or more are required. It is your responsibility to form a team but I can help.

Projects should be equivalent to a quarters work, and should include some novelty and innovation.
Literature surveys will not be sufficient, since you have teams of three. However, any project has to have substantial survey of relevant work. Talk to me ahead of time about your plans.
Here are some guidelines of how to write an effective project proposal.
Here are some indicative suggestions for projects.
Come and talk to me as early as possible, with some prep work done, so that I can help you better.

Useful simulators: for BGP SSFNet and to some extent NS2 can be used.
For ad hoc routing: NS2 and glomosim are widely used.
Availability of other simluator may be possible, but check.

The vision. The vision is that the course will be taken by people who are very
interested in computer networks, with some background in computer networks, so I would hope to have only to guide
not force people to do work.

The course will include  readings from books and many papers.
Book ($16.09  on the Internet):
BGP4 Inter-Domain Routing in the Internet
by John W. Stewart
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Pub Co; 1st edition (December 14, 1998)
ISBN: 0201379511
We will cover most of this book, so you have to make sure that you have a copy handy (one per team is ok too as long as you can share nicely). We will also do some selected topics from D. Chakrabarti and C. Faloutsos "Graph Mining: Laws, Tools and Case Studies". I highly recommend this as a "manual" for mining network topologies and graphs.
Keep in mind that there are libraries that could provide you with resources.

Any Computer Networks book would be handy as a reference.
I personally like a lot Kurose Ross's book on "Computer Networking: A Top-Down Approach".
Preprequisites: undergraduate computer networks knowledge is assumed. It is also assumed that you can program in a language that your team will use.