CS 175: Entrepreneurship in Computing

Instructor M. Faloutsos

The course counts as a tech elective for both undergraduates and graduate students.

Lecture hours:
Tue 2:10-3:30PM WCH (WINSTON CHUNG HALL) 142
Thu 2:10-3:30PM WCH (WINSTON CHUNG HALL) 142

Office hours: Tue 3:30-4:30pm. Send me an email when you want to come to guarantee a meeting and avoid overlaps.

Course information and handouts

  1. Course description (pdf)
  2. Syllabus: (pdf)
  3. Introduction to the class (pptx) or (pdf)
  4. Starting a business (pdf)
    Advice and pointers (ppt)
  5. Customer discovery - Go to market strategy (pdf)
  6. Execution plan (pdf)
    Annual Operation Plan (pdf)
  7. Raising funding (pdf)
  8. The investor pitch (pdf)
  9. Networking (pdf)
  10. Legal issues (pdf)
  11. Intelectual property (IP) and patents (pdf)
  12. Human Resources: hiring and managing people (pdf)
  13. Financials: planning and projections (pdf)