Instructor: Michalis Faloutsos

Office: 332 Engineering II Building
Lectures: Tue - Thu: 2:10 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. PRCE 3374
Office Hours: NOTE it is better if you send me an email before you come
to office hours so that I can anticipate the traffic (imagine all 30 of you showing up!)
--- Mon : 2-3
--- Fri: 3-4
--- Extended-hours: You can try me at Tu - Thu: 11-12. but I can't promise I won't be busy (unlike the two slots above).
TAs: Archana Narasimhan and Yordanos Beyene
http://www.cs.ucr.edu/~archana/ and http://www.cs.ucr.edu/~yordanos/
Here is the lab site of the course . In case of conflict, the site you are seeing now supersedes that one.

Course Grading:

Quiz 1: TBD
You can have 1 page (both side) of personal handwritten notes.
Multiple choice: bring your marksens pages!
Assignment 1: Modeling the Internet Performance.
Project: NEW: Building cool network tools..

In the rest of this site, I have the lecture slides and potentially other info.

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PDF versions can be found in this directory with similar names. BW stands for black and white, for easier printing. Note: most pdfs are older versions unless explcitly stated below. You can Get the ppt and print them in 4-page to save space from a MAC you can pick from the Print Window the drop-down meny Layout.

Quizes and solutions: can be found here . File names are self descriptive.

NOTE: some of the slides include more topics than we do. Make sure you know what is covered.
Initially I will point to last years slides, and I will be updating as we go through.
Introduction Lectures 1 and 2. New version uploaded: April 6, 06.
Link layer A.
MM1 systems: my overview and the slides from the lab.
Link layer B. (ARP, MAC address, Store-Forward, hubs, bridges.
Link layer C Wireless, ad hoc, 802.11 MAC. (802.11 wireless and ad hoc networks)
Routing part I New updated: May 2 2006. 4lides per page myIP-A-4p-BW.pdf in pdf directory.
Routing part II and in the pdf folder myIP-B-4page.pdf. Updated: May 4 2006.
Brief Intro to BGP Updated: May 9 2006. We did it in class.

Transport Layer part-I (intro, basic TCP) and part-II (tcp variants, router assisted congestion control). Updated May 18 2006.
Steiner Tree Problem handout and the related multicast slides (more than we cover). Update May 2006.
Ad hoc Routing .
Application layer issues. Note that we did not do all the slides (ie FTP).

We did not do:
Measuring the paths and the asymmetry..
Transport layer and TCP for ad hoc networks.
QoS issues for the Internet.