CSC 164 -- Spring 2005

Instructor: Michalis Faloutsos

Office: 333 Surge Building The official web site of the course is
Here I have the lecture slides and potentially other info that I would want to disseminate.
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PDF versions can be found in this directory with similar names. BW stands for black and white, for easier printing.

Quizes and solutions in this directory. File names are self descriptive.

Note: some of the slides include more topics than we do. Make sure you know what is covered.
Introduction Lectures 1 and 2, uncompressed.
Link layer A Lecture 3, uncompressed. (did not do: CRC, ALOHA)
Link layer B Lecture 4, uncompressed.
Link layer C Lecture 4, uncompressed.
Routing part I Lecture 5,
Routing part II Lecture 5-6-7
Ad hoc Routing Lecture 7
Steiner Tree Problem handout
Transport Layer Lectures 8-9-10-11. Note not all slides are discussed in class. Some other material
is presented in class. Make sure you obtain the notes.
Measuring the paths and the asymmetry..
Transport layer and TCP for ad hoc networks.
QoS issues for the Internet.
Application layer issues. Note that some of the slides are "hidden"...