CSC 141

The overview of the class (syllabus).Pointers to handouts and  auxiliary material.
Some clarifications, policies and rules. Please read, it will save you a lot of pain and grief.

Note: class related email will  be answered through this account only
Office Hours: After the second session:  Tu - Thur  6:45 - 7:30 pm
Class Hours: Tu- Thur:
Newsgroup: Please check it often.
It is your responsibility to keep checking it
as often as you can (twice daily if possible).

Assignment 1: page . Start work early. Good luck.
Due date has been postponed to Jan 31 Thu see the assignment page for details.

Midterm: part 1 , and part 2 .
Note solutions are provided only as a guide.

Assignment 2: page .
DUE DATE: Thu 21 Feb, 7:15 pm at my office - hardcopy only.
Solutions for As.2: Sample solutions

Assignment 3: NEW page .
WRITTEN PART (Problems) Due Date: Thu March 7, until 7:15 pm in my office (hardcopy) as it was
PROGRAMMING PART Due Date:  TUE March 12 , noon,
The report should be given to me no later than 7:15pm  on TUE March 12.
No late assignments will be accepted.

Electronic submission, Thu March 7, 3:00 pm
Again, don't leave it for the last minute it is a big assignment.
No extensions will be granted.

TA and Lab Schedule
Mon 11:10-2:00 Surge 171 Lingling Jin
Mon 2:10-5:00 Surge 283 Anil Reddy
Tue 11:10-2:00 Surge 171 Jing Guo
Thu 11:10-2:00 Surge 171 Jing Guo
Wed 8:10-11:00 Surge 172 Sharma Ram
Fri 8:10-11:00 Surge 171 Sharma Ram

General Information:
Very good sources of information that you should consult:

  • My previous 141 classes, their assignments, homeworks (solutions are currently unavailable).
  • Tao Jiang's notes on 141: Tao's 141 site.
  • Kelsey Lick's excellent tutorial on Linux, Coding, Makefile and useful example programs.