Department of Computer Science and Engineering

CS 179i:  Project in Computer Science / Networks

Spring 2014

Some Suggested Topics

Other Topics for Lecture/Discussion

  1. Professional Ethics (Here is your homework assignment on this topic -- due May 7,2014)
  2. Giving oral presentations to a variety of audiences
  3. At the end of the quarter, each team must turn in one written Project Report document, describing the process by which they chose their topic, planned the milestones for carrying it out, divided the tasks among group members, tested and integrated the software you developed, and provided an explanation for the approach(es) you used and the outcomes you achieved. Here is a more detailed description of the Project Report.
  4. Here is a very brief introduction to the Scrum software development process. It seems well suited for small team situations and avoids many of the inefficiencies of traditional project management techniques.
  5. Here are some random examples of network related news stories
  6. Here are the slides for Dr. Kenneth Kung's talk