BioScript: Programming Safe Chemistry on Laboratories-on-a-Chip

OOPSLA'18 (ACM Object-oriented Programming, Systems, Languages, and Applications)

Jason Ott, Tyson Loveless, Chris Curtis, Mohsen Lesani, Philip Brisk

OOPSLA'18 Distinguished paper award

SIGPLAN Research Highlight 2019


Abstract. This paper introduces BioScript, a domain-specific language (DSL) for programmable biochemistry which executes on emerging microfluidic platforms. The novel feature of the language is its syntax, which aims at optimizing for human readability; the technical contributions of the paper include the BioScript type system and certain aspects of its compiler. The type system ensures that certain types of errors, specific to biochemistry, do not occur, including the interaction of chemicals that may be unsafe. The compiler includes novel optimizations that place biochemical operations to execute concurrently on a spatial 2D array platform on the granularity of a control flow graph, as opposed to individual basic blocks. Results are obtained using both a cycle-accurate microfluidic simulator and a software interface to a real-world platform.