I have moved to Simon Fraser University. Please check my current webpage.
My research interests lie in the broad area of Parallel & Distributed Computing including their Programmability, Performance, Scalability & Fault Tolerance. I am part of the GRASP team which focuses on fast and scalable solutions for graph processing.

(Click here for complete list of publications.)
  1. [ASPLOS'17] KickStarter: Fast and Accurate Computations on Streaming Graphs via Trimmed Approximations (17.45%)
  2. [ASPLOS'17] CoRAL: Confined Recovery in Distributed Asynchronous Graph Processing (17.45%)
  3. [ATC'16] Load the Edges You Need: A Generic I/O Optimization for Disk-based Graph Processing (17.67%)
  4. [TACO'16] Synergistic Analysis of Evolving Graphs
  5. [HPDC'16] Efficient Processing of Large Graphs via Input Reduction (15.5%)
  6. [OOPSLA'14] ASPIRE: Exploiting Asynchronous Parallelism in Iterative Algorithms using a Relaxed Consistency based DSM (27.96%)
  7. [HPDC'14] CuSha: Vertex-Centric Graph Processing on GPUs (16.15%)