CS260: Seminar in Multimedia Networking

Winter Quarter 2017


2/3: Effective Monday 2/6, the class location is changed to Sproul 2340.

1/16: For class on Wednesday 1/18, if your last name starts with letters A-R, please read the FESTIVE paper. If your last name starts with letters S-Z, please read the buffer-based paper.

1/15: Website is live.

Course Description

Covers advanced topics in multimedia networks, including video streaming, virtual and augmented reality, content distribution, and wireless networks. The class includes lectures, paper readings and discussion, and implementation examples. May be taken Satisfactory (S) or No Credit (NC) with consent of instructor and graduate advisor.


  • Lecture: MWF 4:10-5pm, Sproul 2340


Jiasi Chen (prof)

  • Email: jiasi at cs dot ucr dot edu

  • Office: Winston Chung 308

  • Office hours: Thursday 2-4pm, or by appointment