CS179i: Project in Computer Science (Networks)

Winter Quarter 2018


1/31: Website online! (finally!)

Course Description

Covers the planning, design, implementation, testing, and documentation of a network-related system. Incorporates techniques from previous related courses. Emphasizes professional and ethical responsibilities; the need to stay current on technology; and its global impact on economics, society, and the environment.


  • Lecture: Monday 3:10-4pm, Watkins 2240

  • Lab: Tuesday 4:10-7pm, Chung 133


Jiasi Chen (prof)

  • Email: jiasi at cs dot ucr dot edu

  • Office: Winston Chung 308

  • Office hours: Thursday 1-3pm, or by appointment

Shahryar Afzal (TA)

  • Email: safza001 at ucr dot edu