Current Members

Project Scientist
PhD Students

Former Members

  • Ju Chen (PhD in 2022, Deepbits Technology)
  • Wei Song (PhD in 2022, Deepbits Technology)
  • Jinghan Wang (PhD in 2022)
  • Yue Duan (PhD in 2019, Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at Illinois Institute of Technology)
  • Jianlei Chi (Visiting PhD student from Xi'an Jiaotong University)
  • Pan Zhang (Visiting PhD student from Huazhong University of Science and Technology)
  • Yaowen Zheng (Visiting PhD student from Institute of Information Engineering, Chinese Acadamy of Sciences)
  • Jacob Xu (MS in 2018, Google)
  • Lei Zhao (Visiting, Associate Professor from Wuhan University)
  • Xunchao Hu (Ph.D in 2017, Deepbits Technology)
  • David Korczynski (Visiting, PhD student at University of Oxford)
  • Qian Feng (Ph.D in 2017, Baidu-X Lab)
  • Yao (Charles) Cheng (MS in 2017, IBM TJ Watson)
  • Rundong Zhou (MS in 2016, Google)
  • Andrew Henderson (Ph.D in 2016, Intelligent Automation, Inc)
  • Abhishek Vasisht Bhaskar (MS in 2016, GrammaTech)
  • Minghua Wang (Visiting PhD student, Baidu X-Lab)
  • Mu Zhang (Ph.D in 2015, Tenure-track Assistant Professor at University of Utah, All University Doctoral Prize Winner)
  • Aravind Prakash (Ph.D in 2015, Tenure-track Assistant Professor at Binghamton Univ., All Univeristy Doctoral Prize Winner)
  • Curtis Carmony (MS in 2015, Palo Alto Networks)
  • Lok Kwong Yan (Ph.D in 2013, Air Force Research Lab, All University Doctoral Prize Winner)
  • Kevin Wang (MS in 2013, ShadowNetworks)
  • Shengming Xu (MS in 2013, Palo Alto Networks)
  • Eknath Venkataramani (MS in 2012, McAfee)
  • Tarun Sethi (MS in 2011, Cigital)
  • Manjukumar Jayachandra (MS in 2011, Microsoft)