The UCR Suite: Funded by NSF  IIS - 1161997 II.

This webpage was build in support of the UCR Suite; Software that enables ultrafast subsequence search under both Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) and Euclidean Distance (ED). The work first appeared in a SIGKDD 2012 paper

ACM SIGKDD Best Paper Award Winner 2012

ACM SIGKDD Test of Time Winner 2022

We observe that UCR-Suite wins in exact query answering and on hard queries.. Echihabi et al, VLDB 2019.

Recent optimizations on DTW similarity search (the UCR Suite) can make this entire operation feasible in real time.  Stuart Russell et al CHI 2013

The UCR Suite was developed by :

How fast is the UCR-Suite? It depends on the data, query length, query shape, hardware, warping constraint etc. However, to a first degree approximation:

What are the advantages of the UCR-Suite?

Here we show we can search a day-long ECG tracing in 35 seconds under DTW, using a single core.

Using the same query, we can search a year of ECG (8,518,554,188 datapoints) in 18 minutes using a multi-core machine.

Thus we can search 256Hz signals about thirty thousand times faster than real time.

Here we show we can support very long queries. We search for a query of length 72,500 in 21,435,268 datapoints in 18 seconds.
The refernce dendrogram we compared to at the end of this video is from:
D. P. Locke, et al. 2011. Comparative and demographic analysis of orangutan genomes. Nature 469, 529-533.

How does changing the width of the warping effect the speed-up? See here for the numbers, however, in brief, it makes very little difference. Over the range of 0 to  15, which would include the best accuracy setting for the vast majority of the UCR archive problems, the difference is bearly perceptable


The code.