I joined the Computer Science & Engineering Department at UC Riverside in 2015 as an assistant professor. Before that, I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from the College of William and Mary under the supervision of Dr. Xipeng Shen, and worked at Mozilla Corporation (summer 2012), North Carolina State University (2014-2015), and Pacific Northwest National Lab (summer 2015). I am a recipient of NSF CAREER Award (2018), Regents Faculty Fellowship (2018), Hellman Fellowship (2018), and Best Paper Runner-up Award at MobiSys'18.

Research Interests: (I) Programming system support for parallelism, with a focus on automata, graph, and tree-based computations; (II) Programming system support for mobile apps.

Selected Publications (see all)

Programming System Support for Parallelism

Scalable Processing of Contemporary Semi-Structured Data on Commodity Parallel Processors
― A Compilation-based Approach ASPLOS'19
Lin Jiang, Xiaofan Sun, Umar Farooq, and Zhijia Zhao

Transforming Query Sequences for High-Throughput B+ Tree Processing on Many-core Processors CGO'19
Ruiqin Tian*, Junqiao Qiu*, Zhijia Zhao, Xu Liu, and Bin Ren (* co-primary)

Tigr: Transforming Irregular Graphs for GPU-Friendly Graph Processing ASPLOS'18 [code]
Amir Nodehi, Junqiao Qiu, Zhijia Zhao

Enabling Scalability-Sensitive Speculative Parallelization for FSM Computations ICS'17
Junqiao Qiu, Zhijia Zhao, Bo Wu, Abhinav Vishnu and Shuaiwen Leon Song

Grammar-aware Parallelization for Scalable XPath Querying PPoPP'17
Lin Jiang and Zhijia Zhao

MicroSpec: Speculation-Centric Fine-Grained Parallelization for FSM Computations PACT'16
Junqiao Qiu, Zhijia Zhao and Bin Ren

On-The-Fly Principled Speculation for FSM Computations ASPLOS'15
Zhijia Zhao and Xipeng Shen

Challenging the "Embarrassingly Sequential"
― Parallelizing Finite State Machine-Based Computations through Principled Speculation ASPLOS'14
Zhijia Zhao, Bo Wu and Xipeng Shen

Program Analysis & Mobile Apps

RuntimeDroid: Restarting-Free Runtime Change Handling for Android Apps MobiSys'18
Umar Farooq and Zhijia Zhao

SatScore: Uncovering and Avoiding a Principled Pitfall in Responsiveness Measurements of App Launches Ubicomp'14
Zhijia Zhao, Mingzhou Zhou and Xipeng Shen

Call Sequence Prediction through Probabilistic Calling Automata OOPSLA'14
Zhijia Zhao, Bo Wu, Mingzhou Zhou, Yufei Ding, Jianhua Sun, Xipeng Shen, and Youfeng Wu

PhD Students (start year)
Professional Activities
Program Committee: CGO'19 (SRC), ASPLOS'19 (SRC), ISC'19, NPC'18, HiPC'18, ICS'18 (ERC), HiPC'17, ACM CF'17, IPDRM'17, HIPS'17, ICPP'16, PLDI'16 (SRC and Poster), IPDRM'16, LCPC'15 (Poster)
Organizing Committee: ASPLOS'18 (Workshop & Tutorial Co-Chair), ICPADS'16 (Track Co-Chair), LCPC'15 (Web Chair)

CS152 Compiler Design: 2019 Spring
CS179K Project in Computer Science (Software Engineering): 2018 Winter
CS180 Introduction to Software Engineering: 2015 Fall, 2016 Fall, 2017 Fall, 2018 Fall
CS201 Compiler Construction: 2016 Winter, 2017 Winter, 2018 Winter, 2019 Winter
CS260 Advanced Topics on Parallelism Exploitation: 2017 Spring


Office: Room 412, WCH

Mailing Address:
Computer Science & Engineering
Winston Chung Hall 351
Riverside, CA 92521

Email: zhijia [at] cs.ucr.edu


2018.11 ASPLOS'19 accepted our work on parallel stream processing of JSON-family data.

2018.10 CGO'19 accepted our work on eliminating redundancies in B+ tree queries (collaborated with Dr. Bin Ren and Dr. Xu Liu).

2018.10 Our MobiSys'18 paper is selected by ACM SIGMOBILE Research Highlights.

2018.06 Our MobiSys'18 paper on Android runtime change handling received Best Paper Runner-up Award.

2018.05 Received NSF CAREER award for studying the parallelization of automata-based semi-structured data processing.

2018.02 MobiSys'18 accepted our work on runtime change handling for Android apps.

2017.11 ASPLOS'18 accepted our work on graph transformations for GPU platforms.

2017.08 Serving as a co-chair for Workshops and Tutorials at ASPLOS'18. Call for Proposals

2017.03 ICS'17 accepted our work on scalability-sensitive speculative parallelization.

2016.12 PPoPP'17 accepted our work on parallel XPath querying.

2016.07 HPar, a parallel HTML5 parser, is now on Github.

2016.07 PACT'16 accepted our work on fine-grained speculative parallelization for FSMs.

2016.04 I serve as a track chair of ICPADS'16. Please consider making submissions.