I joined the Computer Science & Engineering Department at the University of California Riverside as an Assistant Professor in 2015, where I am a member of the RIPLE research group.
I was fortunate to work under the supervision of Xipeng Shen and collaborate with excellent researchers from Pacific Northwest National Lab, Huawei, Intel and Mozilla.

Research Interests:
Programming system supports for multicore and heterogeneous computing, with a focus on automata-based applications (e.g., searching/parsing/querying/decoding) and applications with irregular or nested data structures (e.g., tree/graph or HTML/XML/JSON);
Programming system supports for smartphone and mobile apps (esp. on Android).

Selected Recent Publications

Programming System Supports for Parallelism

Tigr: Transforming Irregular Graphs for GPU-Friendly Graph Processing [ASPLOS'18]
Amir Nodehi, Junqiao Qiu, Zhijia Zhao

Enabling Scalability-Sensitive Speculative Parallelization for FSM Computations [ICS'17]
Junqiao Qiu, Zhijia Zhao, Bo Wu, Abhinav Vishnu and Shuaiwen Leon Song

Grammar-aware Parallelization for Scalable XPath Querying [PPoPP'17]
Lin Jiang and Zhijia Zhao

MicroSpec: Speculation-Centric Fine-Grained Parallelization for FSM Computations [PACT'16]
Junqiao Qiu, Zhijia Zhao and Bin Ren

On-The-Fly Principled Speculation for FSM Computations [ASPLOS'15]
Zhijia Zhao and Xipeng Shen

Challenging the "Embarrassingly Sequential" [ASPLOS'14]
― Parallelizing Finite State Machine-Based Computations through Principled Speculation
Zhijia Zhao, Bo Wu and Xipeng Shen

Program Analysis & Mobile Apps

RuntimeDroid: Restarting-Free Runtime Change Handling for Android Apps [MobiSys'18]
Umar Farooq and Zhijia Zhao

SatScore: Uncovering and Avoiding a Principled Pitfall in Responsiveness Measurements of App Launches [Ubicomp'14]
Zhijia Zhao, Mingzhou Zhou and Xipeng Shen

Call Sequence Prediction through Probabilistic Calling Automata [OOPSLA'14]
Zhijia Zhao, Bo Wu, Mingzhou Zhou, Yufei Ding, Jianhua Sun, Xipeng Shen, and Youfeng Wu

PhD Students (start year)
Professional Activities
Program Committee: ICS'18 (ERC), HiPC'17, ACM CF'17, IPDRM'17, PLDI'16 (SRC and Poster), IPDRM'16
Organizing Committee: ASPLOS'18 (Workshop and Tutorial Chair), ICPADS'16 (Track Chair), LCPC'15 (Web Chair)

CS152 Compiler Design: 2019 Spring
CS179K Project in Computer Science (Software Engineering): 2018 Winter
CS180 Introduction to Software Engineering: 2015 Fall, 2016 Fall, 2017 Fall, 2018 Fall
CS201 Compiler Construction: 2016 Winter, 2017 Winter, 2018 Winter, 2019 Winter
CS260 Advanced Topics on Parallelism Exploitation: 2017 Spring


Office: Room 412, WCH

Mailing Address:
Computer Science & Engineering
Winston Chung Hall 351
Riverside, CA 92521

Email: zhijia [at] cs.ucr.edu


[2018.02] MobiSys'18 accepted our work on runtime change handling for Android apps.

[2017.11] ASPLOS'18 accepted our work on graph transformations for GPU platforms.

[2017.08] Serving as a co-chair for Workshops and Tutorials at ASPLOS'18. Please consider submitting. [Call for Proposals]

[2017.03] ICS'17 accepted our work on scalability-sensitive speculative parallelization.

[2016.12] PPoPP'17 accepted our work on parallel XPath querying.

[2016.07] HPar, a parallel HTML5 parser, is now on Github. Please contact me if you are interested in making contributions.

[2016.07] PACT'16 accepted our work on fine-grained speculative parallelization for FSMs.

[2016.04] I serve as a track chair of ICPADS'16. Please consider making submissions.

[2016.01] Received NSF CRII award for studying the reliability of finite automata computations.