Recent Publications

. Off-Path TCP Exploits of the Challenge ACK Global Rate Limit. In IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 2018.


. A framework for mimo-based packet header obfuscation. In INFOCOM, 2018.


. Your State is Not Mine: A Closer Look at Evading Stateful Internet Censorship. In ACM IMC 2017, 2017.


. Off-Path TCP Exploits: Global Rate Limit Considered Dangerous. In USENIX Security, 2016.

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Professional Experiences


Research Internship, X-Lab, Baidu Inc, Sunnyvale, USA, 08/2016 - 12 /2016

Research & Developer Internship, Knowledge Mining Group in NLP Department, Baidu Inc, Beijing, China, 04/2013 - 07/2013

Teaching Assitant

CS169 Mobile wireless network, UCR, Riverside, USA, Winter 2015

Selected Awards

  • UCR 2018-2019 Dissertation Year Program Award 2018

  • Internet Defense Prize 2016 Finalist (Funded by Facebook) 2016

  • Black Hat USA 2016 Student Scholarship 2016

  • 3rd place in GeekPwn Hacking Contest 2016

  • Most Creative Idea Award in GeekPwn Hacking Contest 2016

  • Awarded UCR Deans Distinguished Fellowship 2013-2014

  • Outstanding Graduates of University of Electronic Science and Technology of China 2012

  • Outstanding Winner(1st tier), INFORMS Prize Recipient, Ben Fusaro Award of Mathematical Contest in Modeling(MCM) 2011

  • Bronze Medal in The 2010 ACM-ICPC Asia Regional Contest Tianjin Site 2010

  • Top, First, Second-Class Peoples Scholarships (P.R.China) 2008-2012