Victor B. Zordan,
Associate Professor,

CSE Dept. Office: Eng II 337,
Ph: 951 827 2557,Fax: 951 827 4643
Email: vbz-"at"
900 University Ave, CSE
Riverside CA, 92521

In early August 2015, I moved to Clemson University to join the faculty in the division of Visual Computing within in the School of Computing and the role of Director for the program in Digital Production Art .

Dr. Zordan is former faculty in the department of Computer Science and Engineering at University of California Riverside where he directed the Riverside Graphics Lab. Victor works on developing cutting-edge techniques in graphics and animation with a focus on physically based modeling and human motion. Victor has been an animation enthusiast and graphics programmer for more than twenty years and a researcher investigating animation techniques for more than ten. His interests are in physical simulation, motion capture, and algorithms used to create believable (and unbelievable) motion and to explore novel uses for animation in electronic games, medical and training applications, and 3D virtual worlds. Dr. Zordan received his PhD from Georgia Tech at GVU.

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