CS 230 - Computer Graphics

Winter '14
TR 3:40 - 5:00 pm
Location: INTS 1125

This class is an introductory graduate computer graphics class intended for students with interest in computer graphics, rendering, and modeling. The course material will cover topics related to graphics fundamentals such as: geometry representations and transformations; rendering and light models; rasterization and anti-aliasing techniques; and geometric modeling. This course will include projects and/or indepth programming assignments. The students should be skilled in programming, algorithms, and linear algebra. Exposure to applications is made in the context of the fundamental concepts described as time allow.

Victor Zordan
vbz at cs.ucr.edu
337 Winston Chung Hall
951 827-2557 (Email is best)
Office Hours: 1-2 Mon and Wed or by appointment

General Information

In this course you will learn about current techniques in computer graphics. By the end of the course, you should be familar with:

Two text books are recommended for this course: Hearn and Baker's "Computer Graphics with OpenGL" and Peter Shirley's "Fundamental of Computer Graphics". Neither is required. Lecture notes will be supplemented by handouts in class and links.


Grades will be determined based on the following breakdown:

Homework/Programming assignments 10%
Midterm Test 20%
Paper Presentation 10%
Quiz/Participation 10%
Project 40%
Final Presentation 10%

Paper Presentation
Class presentation of state-of-the-art graphics techniques.


Some sample project ideas include:

Programming Assignments

Projects Page


The tentative schedule appears below. This syllabus is subject to change throughout the quarter. Changes will be posted online, access the website for the most up-to-date version of the schedule.

Week of Tue Thu
Jan 6 Introduction
Lecture Slides
Modeling - Intro
Lecture Slides
Jan 13 Curves/Surfaces
Lecture Slides

Lecture Slides

Jan 20 Projections/Cameras
Lecture Slides
Lecture Slides
Jan 27 Basic Rendering
Lecture Slides
Adv. Rendering
--Project proposals due--


Graphics Research Intro
Feb 10 Paper Presentations
Zhigang Wu Naive-Ray-Tracing: A divide-and-conquer approach
Yi Zhu Wang Tiles for Image and Texture Generation
Lingli Wang State of the art in example-based Texture Synthesis
Paper Presentations
Anant Prakash Thunuguntla Feature-Based Image Metamorphosis
Tim Cherney A new algorithm for computing Boolean operations on Polygons
Bryan Rowe Automatic Rigging and Animation of 3D Characters
Feb 17 Paper Presentations
Nick Nobles Articulated swimming creatures
Ian Hodgkinson Realistic Water Volumes in Real-Time
Ferris Nehme Style based Inverse Kinematics
Paper Presentations
Paul Cernea X-Toon: An Extended Toon Shader
Sean Allen Make It Stand: Balancing Shapes for 3D Fabrication
Feb 24 Graphics Data Structures
Programmable Shaders
Mar 3 Radiosity/Photon Mapping
--Progress report due--
Geometric Techniques
Mar 10 Visualization
Human Computer Interaction

Final Exam Slot - Final Project Presentations
Monday, March 17, 3-6 p.m. Same room as class.

Homeworks Assignments will be posted online on the class website (www.cs.ucr.edu/~vbz/cs230.html)
The due date will be specified along with turn-in instructions for the assignments. The final will consist of a short presentation of the project results.

Contact Information:

Email vbz at cs.ucr.edu
For all email correspondence, please start subject with [CS230]. Thank you.