CS 179 - Senior Design in Computer graphics/Electronic games

Winter 2015
Discussion: MSE 103
Time: M 3:10 - 4:00am
LAB Th 6:40 - 9:30 WCH 127

Final TBA
This course is positioned to expose the students to the design of games, software architecture, and hands-on opportunities to build their own games in a structured, supportive environment. The course will also bring awareness to the related topics surrounding games, such as violence and social impact, stressing the importance of the role of the programmer in such areas. In addition, this course will provide an introduction to techniques used in game engines, motion generation, behavior and AI for autonomous characters, interfaces, and networks for multi-user play.

Victor Zordan
Office Hours: TBA
Teaching Assistant
Calvin Phung (phungc at cs.ucr.edu)

General Information

There are no formal texts for the course. Handouts and online references will be provided in class.


The following are due dates. Changes will be reflected on the website.

Project Proposal, due 1/19
Progress Report I, due 2/5
Progress Report II, due 2/23
Final Report, due TBA
Final Presentation TBA


The bulk of the assigned work will take the form of a team project. Teams will be determined in class. Various assignments will be handed out during the quarter with details related to their coverage, due dates, etc.

TEAM PROJECT: Projects will be developed using Unity 3D and Maya/Blender.

Project proposals are due during the second week of classes. During the quarter each team must turn in two project updates (on the dates marked above). A final presentation of the projects will be made during the final exam period. A final written description (report) of the project (5-10 pages) will be due at the time of the final presentation. Grading will be based on projects (75% total = Proposal (5%), 3 reports (10% each), final game (30%), final presentations (10%)), lab completion (10%), misc. homework/ABET assignments(10%), participation (5%).

Contact Information:

Victor B. Zordan
vbz at cs.ucr.edu
337 WCH, 827-2557
Department of Computer Science
University of California, Riverside