STEM education research

Prof. Frank Vahid, UC Riverside

In addition to doing embedded systems research, I've always felt honored to have the opportunity to try to help college students achieve the noble goal of achieving a strong college degree. In 2012, I decided to co-found a company ( dedicated to assisting instructors to help college students learn and achieve their degrees. The company creates low-priced web-native interactive learning material that replaces textbooks and that includes auto-graded homework. Their revenue ensures continually-improved, state-of-the-art, and professional material and delivery/authoring platform (features that free/open resources often overlook).

My group at UCR conducts research to determine what works and what doesn't in interactive web-based learning, especially for STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, math). Below are some of our first papers; more to come.


This work has been supported by the National Science Foundation and Google. We are extremely grateful for their support.