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Solve for x

Description: The Solve for x game provides equations containing a single variable the player must solve for. All equations are randomly generated and increase in difficulty as the game progresses. The center of the screen has a scale to add visual representation of keeping the equation balanced. To emphasize the concept of keeping the equation balanced, the game requires the player to select both the left and right operations before advancing.Points are awarded when the player solves for the variable. Additional points are awarded for solving quicker and for keeping the equation balanced. As the game progresses, the player is given harder, more complex equations including fractions, higher coefficients, and multiple instances of the variable.


  • Click on the left and right options to apply an operation
  • Click on back arrows to undo a step
  • Points are awarded for solving the equation quickly and for keeping the equation balanced

Key Concepts: Variable, Solve, Equation, Balance

Game Versions:
Version 2.0 - Published 12/10/2017
Version 1.0 - Published 6/13/2017


Play Version 2.0