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Interval notation

Description: The Interval notation game tests students on their understanding of interval notation. The player takes on the role of a character with a jetpack who is trying to traverse obstacles and fly as high as they can go. The game begins by showing the player a number line with an indicated range. The player must create the proper range on the number line using interval notation. There are four different animations when the player submits an answer; each emphasizing different lessons: a correct answer, a partial solution, an incorrect solution, or an invalid solution. If the player answers incorrectly, they will receive helpful feedback and additional opportunities to answer correctly. Beginning levels require a single interval answer while later levels require the player to specify two intervals.


  • Press the buttons to change their values
  • Press the "Fly" button to submit your solution
  • Match the dark color on the numberline using interval notation

Key Concepts: Interval, Greater than.

Game Versions:
Version 2.0 - Published 12/10/2017
Version 1.0 - Published 6/13/2017


Play Version 2.0