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If/else statements

Description: The if/else conditions game tests students to see if they understand if/else branches. This game involves colored cars trying to reach their destination; a location of similar color. Moreover, an integer value is assigned to each car for navigation. Cars are connected to destinations via a series of roads. Each road has a condition-switch to determine if a car is allowed to pass. If the car's value satisfies the condition, the car can pass, otherwise the car will continue in another direction. The player must use the car's value to guide the car to a destination with a matching color. The game has different levels beginning with simple if-else conditions and advances to more complex nested if-else conditions. This game allows players to understand complex if-else scenarios in a fun and illustrative setup.


  • Click on a car to change the car's value
  • Advance by leading cars to a destination with a matching color
  • Bonus points are awarded if all cars reach a correct destination

Key Concepts: If/else, Boolean conditions, Boolean evaluation, Branches

Game Versions:
Version 2.0 - Published 12/10/2017
Version 1.0 - Published 6/13/2017


Play Version 2.0