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For loop

Description: The For loop game tests students on their ability to create for loops. The game includes a frog, some lily pads, and some flies that hover over the final destination. The objective of the game is to move the frog from the starting lilypad to the end lilypad to allow the frog to eat the flies and score points. The game focuses on loop initialization, loop conditions, and the loop step. The player must master each component to advance in levels. As the game progress, the levels becoming increasingly difficult, making the player practice differnt kinds of for loop construction.Points are awarded to the player for solving the level quick and without making error.


  • Complete the three parts of the for loop, then click Run
  • If your solution is incorrect, you can view the correct solution
  • Points are awarded for completing the level quick and without error

Key Concepts: For loop, Loop initialization, Loop condition, Loop step

Game Versions:
Version 2.0 - Published 12/10/2017
Version 1.0 - Published 6/13/2017


Play Version 2.0