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Exponent multiplication

Description: The Exponent multiplication game teaches the concept of multiplying and dividing terms with exponents. Terms, comprised of variables and exponents, float around the screen and the player must form and match terms with their corresponding values in the blocks below. The player can drag terms together to multiply them or double click terms to divide them apart. The blocks at the bottom will rise and the game will end when the blocks hit the top of the screen. The player scores points by matching a floating term with the correct block. As the levels increase, the terms become more complex. Terms will include larger exponents, negative exponents, and positive and negative coefficients.


  • Click and drag floating terms together to multiply
  • Double-click terms to divide them apart
  • Drag floating terms over blocks to match and score points

Key concepts: Exponent multiply, Exponent divide, Coefficients

Game Versions:
Version 2.0 - Published 12/10/2017
Version 1.0 - Published 6/13/2017


Play Version 2.0