welcome to high school outreach

The purpose of this program is to bring to South Florida and South California  High Schools a fresh flavor of what Computer Science has to offer.

Begining in Fall 2009, we will be visiting South Florida High Schools to showcase Computer Science (CS) as an exciting career path!

Starting 2011, this project is moved to South California.

latest news

Feb 24th 2017

Lincoln High School, Riverside, AVID class. UCR senior Tirth Modi led the presentation.

Feb 23rd 2017

Lincoln High School, Riverside, Computer Class. UCR senior Tirth Modi led the presentation.

March 12th 2015

We visited Rancho Verde High School in Moreno Valley, AVID 9th Grade. UCR senior Michael Brevard led the presentation.

Dec 14th 2009

We visited the Felix Varela High School, on Dec 14th.

Nov 20th 2009

Our High School Outreach program visited John A. Ferguson High School.

Nov 17th 2009

We're live on the Web with our new Web site!


useful resources

·         Outreach Presentation

·         Project to involve students in Web search research

people involved in the project

·         Dr. Vagelis Hristidis - Faculty Advisor

·         Fernando Farfán - PhD Student

·         Stephen Bromfield - Outreach Spokesperson

·         Juan Duarte - Outreach Spokesperson

·         Michael Brevard - Outreach Spokesperson


This project is supported by the National Science Foundation grants IIS-0811922, IIS 0952347, and Department of Homeland Security grant 2009-ST-062-000016.


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