CS 179G: Textual Databases Design Project

Spring Quarter, 2004


  • The deadline to turn in the binders is Friday June 11th

  • To Do list

  • Register the mailing list
  • Form groups, find a name for the group
  • Appoint an archivist
  • Start looking for a project
  • Create a webpage to store weblogs
  • Write a two pages project description
  • Write the software specs
  • Software design (modules, interfaces, data structures, etc.)
  • Coding/Testing/Debugging
  • Write the documentation

  • Overview

    Class objective: Under the direction of the course instructor, students (individually or in small teams with shared responsibilities) will undertake a major software implementation project in the area of textual databases. The instructor will set the overall direction for the project, and will consult with the students during the discussion period to provide specialized technical material not covered in the prerequisite course(s), to act as the "customer" with whom the students can discuss requirements and goals, and to assess the students' progress. However, each student (or team) is responsible for developing his or her own independent strategy for satisfying the instructor's overall requirements, including the planning, design, implementation and testing of some new or improved operating systems components or subsystems. A written report, giving details of the project and test results, and an oral presentation of the design, implementation, and performance aspects is required.

    Prerequisite(s): CS 141 with a grade of "C-" or better; I will not enforce the requirement of "CS 166 with a grade of "C-" or better".

    Basic information

    Syllabus: Download the PDF file.

    Instructor: Stefano Lonardi (stelo@cs.ucr.edu)
    Office hours: Thursday 4:30-6:30pm. Office: Surge Bldg. 320.

    Teaching Assistant:
  • Serdar Bozdag (sbozdag@cs.ucr.edu), Office hours: Wed 12noon-1pm, Fri 12noon-1pm
  • Office hours are held in Surge Bldg. 282.

  • Class meeting:
  • Thursdays 3:40pm-4:30pm, SPR 2365

  • Text Book:
  • There is no textbook

  • References:
  • Mining the Web: Analysis of Hypertext and Semi Structured Data by Soumen Chakrabarti
  • Managing Gigabytes: Compressing and Indexing Documents and Images by Ian Witten, Ian H. Witten, Allistair Moffat, Timothy C. Bell
  • Algorithms on Strings, Trees, and Sequences: Computer Science and Computational Biology by Dan Gusfield

  • Lectures:
  • Lecture 1: intro, project ideas
  • Lecture 2: data structures
  • Lecture 3: data structures
  • Lecture 4: specifications and documentations
  • Lecture 5: development (cvs)
  • Lecture 6: testing
  • Lecture 7: how to present
  • Lecture 8: (May 20th) student presentations (first slot: Travis Nickels, Erick Chang, Kevin Boyd , second slot: Chuck Boucher, Daniel Marcus Jang, Hayato Yoshidome)
  • Lecture 9: (May 27th) student presentations (first slot: Joe Truong, Allen Reyes, Ben Xiong, second slot: Devon Oslund, Gabriel Chuang, Mikiko Matsunaga)
  • Lecture 10: (Jun 3rd) student presentations (first slot: James Robertson, Angelina Villa, second slot: Seth Verrinder, third slot: Danny Brody, Mohammad Naqvi, Swastik Kopparty)

  • Class mailing list

    Demo Schedule

    Files for download

  • Slides (lecture 1) [PDF]
  • Slides (lectures 2-3) [PDF]
  • Slides (lecture 4) [PPT]
  • Slides (lecture 5) [PDF]
  • Slides (lecture 6) [PPT]
  • Slides (lecture 7) [PDF]
  • IEEE Software Requirements Specification Template [Word]

  • Team Webpages

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