Riverside, California, USA

sghos006@ucr dot edu


Research Interests

Big Data, Geospatial Data, Spatio-temporal Data, Visualizatons, Databases, Distributed Systems, Computer Architecture


Summer 2017
DataSpark (Singtel), Singapore


Big Data
Spark, Hadoop

Programing Language
Java, C++, C, Scala, Python

Operating System
Linux, Windows, Xv6

SQL, PL/SQL, Matlab

Teaching Assistance

Winter 2019
CS 141 - Intermediate Data Structure and Algorithm

Fall 2018
CS 226 - Big Data Management

Spring 2018
CS 133 - Computational Geometry

Fall 2017
CS 014 - Introduction to Databases and Algorithms

Spring 2017
CS 179E - Project in Compilers

Fall 2016
CS 005 - Introduction to Computer Programing
CS 010 - Intro to CS for Sci, Math and Engr





About Me

I am Saheli Ghosh. I am currently pursuing my PhD at University of California, Riverside under the supervision of Prof. Ahmed Eldawy. I am originally from the beautiful "city of joy" Kolkata, India. Before joining UCR, I completed my Mtech, in India and worked closely with Prof. Amlan Chakrabarti from University of Calcutta, for my Master's thesis. I have been studying computer science for a little over 10 years now since my undergrads. During this time I ventured into various spheres of computer science before I finally found my love for data.

Current Research

I work on visualization of big spatial data. My research is presently concentrated on interactive multilevel visualization. It focuses on providing extensibility, scalability, efficiency and giga-pixel resolution images of spatial data. I work on both Hadoop and Spark depending on the extensibility, usability and agility of these systems in dealing with spatial operations.Though I mainly use Java, I am also learning Scala, especially while working in Spark framework.


Saheli Ghosh, Subha Jyoti Das, Rourab Paul, Amlan Chakrabarti Multicore Encryption and Authentication on a Reconfigurable Hardware Recent Trends in Information Systems (ReTIS), 2015 IEEE 2nd International Conference

Link to the Paper

Saheli Ghosh, Ahmed Eldawy, Shipra Jais AID: An Adaptive Image Data Index for Interactive Multilevel Visualization, International Conference on Data Engineering(ICDE), 2019 IEEE 35th International Conference


University of California, Riverside
2015 - Current

PhD Candidate

West Bengal University of Technology
2012 - 2014

Mtech in Computer Science and Engineering

West Bengal University of Technology
2009 - 2012

Masters in Computer Application (MCA)

University of Calcutta
2006 -2009

Bachelors in Computer Science

Other Things That Keep Me Busy

I have been dancing since the age of three. Even though I haven't been on stage for some time now, dance has never really left me. I am always creating movements or routines in my head. Dance workouts like Zumba is my recent stress buster. I also love cooking. Most of my deadline free weekends are spent experimenting in the kitchen.