Chinya V. Ravishankar

Computer Science & Engineering Department
326 EBU-II

Associate Dean, Research & Graduate Education
Marlan & Rosemary Bourns College of Engineering
453 EBU-II
(951) 827-5318

University of California, Riverside, CA 92521
AT cs DOT ucr DOT edu


My past and present work has been in the areas of Databases, Networking, Security, and Distributed Systems.

Selected Publications
Lab Affiliations
Current Projects
Current Students Former Ph.D. Students
  1. Reaz Uddin (Databases)
  2. Jonathan Dautrich (Databases, Security)
  3. Peng Wang (Databases, Networking, Security)
  4. Sandeep Gupta (Databases)
  5. Jinfeng Ni (Databases)
  6. Li Zhou (Security)
  7. Shanzhong Zhu (Databases)
  8. Saugat Manumdar (Security)
  9. Wei Wang (Networking)
  10. Dhananjay Kulkarni (Databases)
  11. Rong N. Chang (Distributed Systems)
  12. Yilin Zhao (Distributed Systems)
  13. Yen-Min Huang (Distributed Systems)
  14. Ming-Ling Lo (Database Systems)
  15. Wee-Keong Ng (Database Systems)
  16. David Thaler (Networking)
  17. Nigel Hinds (Distributed Systems)

Other Stuff I've Done

First Paper on "Snoopy" Caching

I co-authored the first paper to describe the "write-once" multiprocessor cache management technique which later became known as snooping.
I developed this idea jointly with Jim Goodman in 1981/1982, and implemented it as a class project for a VLSI course in Winter'82 that Randy Katz taught at Wisconsin as an Assistant Professor. Subsequently, Jim Goodman and I wrote a paper which appeared in COMPCON, February 1983 describing the idea and its implementation.

Rendezvous Hashing (alternative to Consistent Hashing)

David Thaler and I invented the Rendezvous Hashing technique for distributed k-agreement. This method subsumes consistent hashing. So far as I know, this work is earlier than consistent hashing, and works better when failures are common.

Written a book on Sanskrit Scholars of the 19th Century

I recently completed a book with the title "Sons of Sarasvati: Late exemplars of the Indian Intellectual Tradition", which profiles several extraordinary scholars from 19-century Mysore. It was published by SUNY Press, having already appeared in the Hedgehog and Fox Academic Series, published in India by Permanent Black.

Other Information
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Current quarter: Advanced Databases (CS 236)
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