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(as of 2000)

Related collections

  • Seminar on Algorithmic Aspects of Game Theory - cs294 at UC Berkeley by Christos Papadimitriou
    ~30 links in the reading list. "Algorithmic mechanism design, internet congestion & game theory/economics, `the price of anarchy', combinatorial auctions, multicast auctions, repeated games, power laws, game theory"
  • EECS 598-5 (broken link): Mathematical Modeling and Simulation Techniques in Networking, U.Michigan
    ~30 references. "Simulation and the Monte-Carlo methods; Medium Access Control (MAC); Performance of TCP; Congestion control, flow control, global optimization and fairness;
    Internet traffic engineering and Self-similarity
  • ECSE-4670: Computer Communications Networks. Fall 2001. RPI
  • Sally Floyd's pointers to literature on optimization with end-to-end congestion control.
    ~20 references. "General references, modeling the Internet, proportional fairness, optimization flow control, delay-based optimization"
  • links by Frank Kelly on topics related to his paper "Mathematical modelling of the internet"
    ~40 refs: "Stability with propagation delays, admission control, priorities, multicast, marking strategies, pricing, groups, IETF activity, arguments for end-to-end as a design principle"
  • Papers on TCP/IP modelling and related topics - collected by Jitendra Padhye at ICSI center for internet research ~50 references
  • TCP/IP RESEARCH PAPERS collected by the Internet Engineering Task Force / TCP Over Satellite WG ~50 references, many on wireless and satellite
  • Congestion control literature - collected by Shivkumar Kalyanaraman at RPI
    ~150 references, lists of active researchers, by area. "End-to-end and edge-to-edge flow control, explicit rate/window feedback, DEC (classic papers) unicast architectures, multicast congestion control, QoS, rate-based, control-theoretic, pricing/economics, filtering/estimation/measurement".
  • collection of tcp-related links by Chyouhwa Chen at National Taiwan University of Sci. and Tech.
  • another such collection (broken link) at Complex Engineering System Lab, Tsinghua, China
  • end2end-interest mailing list - discussion of end-to-end aspects of networking protocols.
    e.g. (Why) does rate-based AIMD lead to a stable network? by Frank Kelly, and related posts.

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Flow control as optimization

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