CSC-260:  Internet Protocols and Measurements

Instructor: Michalis Faloutsos

Office: A-213 Bourns Hall.
 Class:  Thur 2:10-4:30 STAT 2674

Reference Book:

The  first online book on Networks:
Computer Networking : A Top-Down Approach Featuring the Internet
                        James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross
(Netscape composer crashes when I add this as a link :-)
Interconnections by Radia Perlaman


a. Class participation 20%
    (you get points for just being there and breathing, but not for snoring)
b. In-class presentation 30%
c. Small literature survey (4-5 papers)   50%
    Interested students can  also do small projects.


The class will offer a general overview of networking concepts focusing
on the Internet.  Students will (hopefully) learn
  1. What is the Internet and how it works
  2. What are the current problems and trends in networking
  3. What does the Internet look like
Except for the general knowledge, we will study some specific topics such as:
  1. Routing
  2. Multicasting
  3. Quality of Service
  4. Measurements and models for the traffic and the topology
Students will be presenting papers in these areas. The above list is not exclusive
and it can change according to the interest of the students.

The course is addressed both to students who want to do research in computer
networks and to students that want to obtain a better and practical understanding
of networks.