CS 260 List of Projects

Michalis Faloutsos


*** denotes the topics that I think have more potential

and are more suitable for a class project

However, all these topics can be finetuned to interesting projects.


- Measure P2P traffic on the network

   -- Conduct measurements

   -- Further develop the existing tools (in our lab or outside)

   -- Measure/estimate behavior at large - business perspective:

   ie how do people get files, how long do files take, is it reliable

   can I locate p2p users by searching at

    does interdiction work? (can the RIAA delay/block sharing?)


- How can I hurt/delay/attack bittorent and P2P protocols?


-Model and Analyze P2P systems:

  -- model bittorent behavior ***

  -- model other p2p2 protocols


-Topology measurements:

  Towards a complete BGP model: identifying all AS links

  Generating a labeled BGP graph ***

  Sampling a BGP graph ***


- Detect misbehaving at BGP level:

   -- BGP updates Can I automatically detect that something is wrong? The challenge is to

      model categorical data.  ***

   -- Use the NEMECIS tool to detect anomalies

   -- How much more effective detection can I do, if I know the relationships

     of the peering ASes.

-- Measure how much traffic is moving between ASes. ***


- Detect traffic abnormalities:

  -- Further develop the BLINC tool

   (ie to consider input form multiple points of measurement)

  -- Examine different dimensions of traffic profiles

  -- Can I summarize/visualize the traffic?

  -- Study the community behavior of IP addresses (who talks to whom




- Efficient monitoring of a domain: (*** challenging)

   -- Monitor using the least number of ping/traceroutes

   -- Develop an intuitive high-level sketch of a network

       (capture with as little as possible detail important points:

         main bottlenecks, main good areas)