Network Routing

Proposed Topics

Important: the papers and topics listed below as offered as suggestions to get you thinking. New papers may have appeared on these topics and you should check the latest works before you start thinking of new ideas (to avoid rethinking of other people's ideas).

I often relate the topics to papers I have been part of, not out of vanity, but to help you get the perspective I have on the topic, before you discuss it with me. Also, you can use the literature listed in this paper to look for more work forward and backward in time.
In most cases, there are most recent and most likely better papers in these topics.

Detecting malware on routers
Presented by Ahmad Darki on the first class. Slides will become available.
Key idea: Safeguarding one’s router has received very little attention despite a plethora of malware specifically designed to compromise routers, which has emerged more recently. Here, we propose a systematic approach to distinguish a router in- fected by malware versus a healthy router. Our key novelty is that we analyze the behavior of the router, thus not re- lying on binary signatures (like anti-virus software for computers). Our contribution is two fold. First, we develop a non-trivial emulation capability, RoutePro, to observe the behavior of healthy and infected routers. RoutePro allows to instantiate a virtual router with or without malware and feed it a pre-recorded data trace. In addition, we have collected 820 router-specific malware binaries and an initial set of real data traces. RoutePro monitors the behavior at multiple layers including: OS system calls, process information, and the network layer. Second, using RoutePro, we provide initial evidence that a behavior-based method can distinguish between infected and healthy routers.
HOT: This is a very interesting topic in the general Internet of Things space.

BGP  related topics
Rumor, instability, and virus propagation

Datamine communication graphs: who is talking to whom
Communication graphs: IP source-destination graphs, telephone call graph, Ebay buyers and sellers etc A few related papers:

Ad Hoc Routing
This is a bit of an overworked area. It may be hard to find something truly novel but I am looking forward to being surprised, come and talk to me. OLD TOPICS
  • Experiments with real CISCO routers
  • Simulations with BGP SSFNet, DaSSFNet
  • Analyze and model real BGP tables
  • Ad Hoc related topics
    Sensor networks

    To be continued...

    Mutlicast Routing