Network Routing

Proposed Topics

Important: the papers and topics listed below as offered as suggestions to get you thinking. New papers may have appeared on these topics and you should check the latest works before you start thinking of new ideas (to avoid rethinking of other people's ideas).

I relate the topics to papers I have been part of, not out of vanity, but to help you get the perspective I have on the topic, before you discuss it.
In most cases, there are most recent and most likely better papers in these topics.

BGP  related topics
Virus propagation
         - Information Survival Threshold in Sensor and P2P Networks  D. Chakrabarti, J. Leskovec, C. Faloutsos, S. Madden, C. Guestrin and M. Faloutsos
IEEE INFOCOM 2007, Anchorage, Alaska.
         - "CPMC: An Efficient Proximity Malware Coping Scheme in Smartphone-based Mobile Networks"
Feng Li, IUPUI; Yinying Yang, Florida Atlantic University; Jie Wu, in INFOCOM 2010

Datamine communication graphs: who is talking to whom
Communication graphs: IP source-destination graphs, telephone call graph, Ebay buyers and sellers etc Ad Hoc Routing OLD TOPICS
  • Experiments with real CISCO routers
  • Simulations with BGP SSFNet, DaSSFNet
  • Analyze and model real BGP tables
  • Ad Hoc related topics
    Sensor networks

    To be continued...

    Mutlicast Routing