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I expect every person to do at least one presentations. Choices are on a first come first served basis.
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Presentation MUST follow these guidelines. Presentations must be 20 minutes in length.
Everybody must read the papers however, and participate in the discussions.

NEW RULE: The presentation slides have to be created exclusively by you, after reading the paper.
You should not copy slides from existing presentations.

Papers to be presented by index:

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                   The papers below are suggestions. Feel free to propose a paper to present. You should aim for a paper from a conference not a workshop (which are often 5-6 pages). I will need to approve the paper to make sure it is suitable for the class.

Revisiting Network Routing

1. XL: An Efficient Network Routing Algorithm
     Kirill Levchenko (UC San Diego); Geoffrey M. Voelker (UC San Diego); Ramamohan Paturi (UC San Diego); Stefan Savage (UC San Diego)

2. Shedding Light on the Glue Logic of Internet Routing Architecture
     Franck Le (CMU); Geoffrey G. Xie (Naval Postgraduate School); Dan Pei (AT&T Labs - Research); Jia Wang (AT&T Labs - Research); Hui Zhang (CMU)

3. MIRO: Multi-path Interdomain ROuting
 W. Xu, J. Rexford

4. Source Selectable Path Diversity via Routing Deflections
 X. Yang, D. Wetherall

Security and Business Issues

5.  Rationality and Traffic Attraction: Incentives for Honest Path Announcements in BGP
     Sharon Goldberg (Princeton University); Shai Halevi (IBM T. J. Watson Research); Aaron D. Jaggard (Rutgers University); Vijay Ramachandran (Colgate University); Rebecca N. Wright (Rutgers University)

6.    Accountable Internet Protocol (AIP)
     David G. Andersen (CMU); Hari Balakrishnan (MIT); Nick Feamster (Georgia Tech); Teemu Koponen (ICSI / HIIT); Daekyeong Moon (UC Berkeley); Scott Shenker (UC Berkeley)

7.    iSPY: Detecting IP Prefix Hijacking on My Own
     Zheng Zhang (Purdue University); Ying Zhang (University of Michigan); Y. Charlie Hu (Purdue University); Z. Morley Mao (University of Michigan); Randy Bush (IIJ)

Overlay Routing

8.  Ring Routing: Network Routing Inspired by DHTs

9. ProgME: Towards Programmable Network MEasurement
Lihua Yuan, Chen-Nee Chuah, Prasant Mohapatra (UC Davis)

10. A Measurement Study on the Impact of Routing Events on End-to-End Internet Path Performance    2 comments
  F. Wang, Z. M. Mao, J. Wang, L. Gao, R. Bush

11. "On the scalability of BGP: the roles of topology
growth and update rate-limiting" 
 A.Elmokashfi and A.Kvalbein D. Dovrolis
ACM Co Next 2008

=========================== OLD PAPERS =======================
Ignore their associated numbers

* Effect of BGP Policy on Routing

 1.   The Impact of Routing Policy on   Internet Paths Hongsuda Tangmunarunkit, Ramesh Govindan
         Scott Shenker, Deborah Estrin INFOCOM 2001    
  2. The Impact of Internet Policy and Topology on Delayed Routing Convergence, by Craig Labovitz, Roger Wattenhofer,
         Srinivasan      Venkatachary and Abha Ahuja. Proceedings of INFOCOM, Anchorage, AK, April, 2001       

BGP and instability
    * 3.  The Temporal and Topological Characteristics of BGP Path Changes
        D. Chang, R. Govindan, J. Heidemann ICNP 2003       
    4. ``An Experimental Analysis of BGP Convergence Time.'' Timothy G. Griffin and Brian J. Premore.
        9th International Conference on  Network Protocols, ICNP' 2001 ()

Routing in Sensor Networks:
    5.   "A Survey of Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks, "
        K. Akkaya and M. Younis, in the Elsevier  Ad Hoc Network Journal (to appear)   ()

    6. Directed Diffusion for Wireless Sensor Networking.
        Chalermek Intanagonwiwat, Ramesh Govindan, Deborah Estrin, John Heidemann, and Fabio Silva.
        ACM/IEEE Transactions on Networking ,11 (1 ), pp. 2-16, February, 2002   ()

  * 7.  Synchronization of Multiple Levels of Data Fusion in Wireless Sensor Networks,
      Yuan W., Krishnamurthy S.V, and Tripathi, S.K.,  IEEE GLOBECOM 2003. Small paper needs to be combined with another paper realted to this work.   ()

  Routing and Security
    * 8. "A Framework for Classifying Denial of Service Attacks,"
      by Alefiya Hussain, John Heidemann, Christos Papadopoulos. In Proceedings of Sigcomm 2003,  
      Karlsruhe, Germany, August 2003.   ()
    * 9.  Internet Quarantine: Requirements for Containing Self-Propagating Code.
      David Moore, Colleen Shannon, Geoffrey M. Voelker, Stefan Savage, INFOCOM 2003.  ()

   XX 10. Self-Organizing Hierarchical Routing for Scalable Ad Hoc Networking
       Rice Computer Science Technical Reoprt TR04-433   ()

   * 11. Should Internet Service Providers Fear Peer-Assisted Content Distribution? Thomas Karagiannis, Pablo Rodriguez, Dina Papagiannaki Internet Measurement Conference (IMC), Berkeley, CA, USA, October, 2005. ()

BGP/IBGP Stability and Anomalies:
     XX 12. "Combining Visual and Automated Data Mining for Near-Real-Time Anomaly Detection and Analysis in BGP",  ()
            Soon Tee Teoh, Ke Zhang, Shih-Ming Tseng, Kwan-Liu Ma, and S. Felix Wu,
            Proc. of the ACM Conf. on Computer and Communications Security Workshop on Visualization and Data Mining for Computer Security, 2004.

    13.  Reliability-aware IBGP Route Reflection Topology Design,
             L. Xiao, J. Wang, K. Nahrstedt (UIUC)  ICNP 2003             ())

    Multicast routing - Bounds and proofs
   14.   "Bounds for the On-line Multicast Problem in Directed Graphs"   ()
          Michalis Faloutsos, Rajesh Pankaj and Kenneth C. Sevcik  
          4th International Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity (SIROCCO '97)

   15.a  Scalable Application Layer Multicast
        Suman Banerjee, Bobby Bhattacharjee, Christopher Kommareddy
        Proceedings of ACM Sigcomm 2002, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, August 2002   ()

   15.b   "Application versus Network Layer Multicasting in Ad Hoc Networks:  The ALMA Routing Protocol"
         M. Ge, S. V. Krishnamurthy, M. Faloutsos,
        Ad Hoc Networks Journal (by Elsevier), to appear.
 Routing and Security
    16. Topology-based detection of anomalous BGP messages.
      C. Kruegel, D. Mutz, W. Robertson, F. Valeur, RAID 2003.    ()

   17. Same as paper 12 sorry!
       "Combining Visual and Automated Data Mining for Near-Real-Time Anomaly Detection and Analysis in BGP"
        Soon Tee Teoh, Ke Zhang, Shih-Ming Tseng, Kwan-Liu Ma, and S. Felix Wu,
     Proc. of the ACM Conf. on Computer and Communications Security Workshop on Visualization and Data Mining for Computer Security, 2004.

  18.    SOS: secure overlay services
      Angelos D. Keromytis, Vishal Misra, Dan Rubenstein, ACM SIGCOMM 2002. ( )

 * 19  Locating Internet Routing Instabilities. Anja Feldmann, Olaf Maennel, Z. Morley Mao, Arthur Berger, Bruce Maggs, ACM/SIGCOMM 2004

    *20   Easily-managed and topological-independent location service for self-organizing networks
    Aline Viana (University of Paris VI, France)
    Marcelo Amorim (University of Paris VI, France)
    Yannis Viniotis (North Carolina State University, USA)
    Serge Fdida (University Pierre and Marie Curie, France)
    Jose F. de Rezende (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
     Mobihoc 2005.

  *  21 Alex Fabrikant, Elias Koutsoupias, C. H.Papadimitriou  Heuristically Optimized Trade-offs
        Proceedings of the 29th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming 2002