Network Routing - Papers List

I expect every person to do a presentation. Choices are on a first come first served basis.
Send me an email to reserve a paper for presentation.
Presentation MUST follow these guidelines. Presentations must be 20 minutes in length.
Everybody must read the papers however, and participate in the discussions.

17 Feb:  Effect of BGP Policy on Routing
    1. The Impact of Routing Policy on          Internet Paths Hongsuda Tangmunarunkit, Ramesh Govindan,
        Scott Shenker, Deborah Estrin INFOCOM 2001   (Yihua)
    2. The Impact of Internet Policy and Topology on Delayed Routing Convergence, by Craig Labovitz, Roger Wattenhofer,
         Srinivasan      Venkatachary and Abha Ahuja. Proceedings of INFOCOM, Anchorage, AK, April, 2001  (Sidhart)

19 Feb: BGP and instability
    1. The Temporal and Topological Characteristics of BGP Path Changes
        D. Chang, R. Govindan, J. Heidemann ICNP 2003 (Danny)
    2. `An Experimental Analysis of BGP Convergence Time.'' Timothy G. Griffin and Brian J. Premore.
        9th International Conference on  Network Protocols, ICNP' 2001  (Bruno)

24 Feb: Internet topology at the BGP level
     1. On Power-law relationships of the Internet Topology.
        Michalis Faloutsos, Petros Faloutsos, and Christos Faloutsos. SIGCOMM'99 . (Song)
     2. Spectral analysis of Internet topologies . M. Mihail, C. Gkantsidis, and E. Zegura In Proceedings of Infocom 2003. (Hayato)

2 March: Routing in Ad hoc networks
    1.  IMPORTANT: A framework to systematically analyze the Impact  of Mobility on Performance of RouTing protocols for Adhoc NeTworks
        Fan Bai, Narayanan Sadagopan, Ahmed Helmy, INFOCOM 2003 . (Li)
   2.   C. Gui and P. Mohapatra, "Scalable Multicasting in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks," IEEE INFOCOM, 2004            
          (  (Ashek)

4 March:    Multicast routing - Bounds and proofs
    1. "Bounds for the On-line Multicast Problem in Directed Graphs"
          Michalis Faloutsos, Rajesh Pankaj and Kenneth C. Sevcik   (Amir)
          4th International Colloquium on Structural Information and Communication Complexity (SIROCCO '97)
    2.  Resilient Multicast using Overlays Suman Banerjee, Seungjoon Lee, Bobby Bhattacharjee, Aravind Srinivasan
         ACM Sigmetrics 2003 (Danlin)