The proposal for the project is due on the 4th of May in class. It should be understandable and well though. A small part of the grade of the project (5%) will be based on the proposal.

You are encouraged to find your own projects. They should include either analytical work, or some simulation or measurments that will enable you to use the techniques we have learned in class.

Proposed projects
Graph sampling: given a large real graph, create a smaller one by removing part of the graph. The final graph should resmeble the initial graph as much as possible. Possible methods:
a. random node removal
b. keep a contiguous sub-graph of the real For example: start from one node and keep all nodes within 10 hops
Several tools will be provided such as a tool to calculate the node distribution of a graph. Recall that for real graphs the node distribution follows a power-law.


The simulator for Heterogeneous Multicasting and supporting doc including manual and executable.
My thesis with a chapter on Heterogeneous multicasting and simulations. Please do not print all of it. I have some hardcopies I could lend you.

The simple simulator. Manual, source and executables.
A program to generate requests for the simple simulator.
Some real graphs representing the connectivity of the Autonomous Systems i.e. subneworks.