CS-204: Advanced Topics in Networks


Michalis FaloutsosThe project will be a non-trivial original piece of work. The end result should
be at the level of a decent workshop paper.  Literature surveys are acceptable. However,
they have to be thorough, synthesize the read material, and offer an interesting perspective
on the state of the art.  Note that a reserach project should first examine the current literature
in the area.
I will offer several ideas for projects but identifying a topic is mainly the student's duty.

See my suggested paper structure and suggestions.
Every case is different, by when you diverge too much from the given structure
you should think twice and probably have a very good reason for it.

NEW: All people must form groups of size two or three. Single projects are not allowed.
             Groups of size three will need my approval.

Here is a list of project samples from other people, other courses, other universities. I append the grades I would have given them.

  1. traceroute measurements grade A-.

  2. Very good target, substance and interesting results. However, it is written very poorly and unless you are very familiar with the problem it is different to understand. Also, previous work has not been overviewd adequately.
  3. Intrusion Detection grade B/B+.

  4. There is definitely a lot work and effort involved. But the paper does not arrive to any conclusion. Did we detect intrusion or not?
  5. an A+ project is coming up...

    Surveys are acceptable but they will have to be truly exceptional to get full marks.
    They should be thorough, substantial, have a clear focus (not a collection of random
     topics and summaries). A good survey provides overview, compares, discusses the relative
    merits, provides a new understanding of an obscure topic. A survey does not only
    report things: it adds value in attempting to compare issues, identifying problems,
    proposing possible solutions, indicating open research areas.