Groups for the Projects

As of 2 Oct 2002.  Let me know as quickly as possible of conflicts of any sort.
Check quickly with your partner. I would like you to stick to the initial
assignment. If there is a serious research conflict strong desire to do some
kind of reserach), we can talk about it. "He is my friend" is not a reason to switch.
I picked on purpose different ethnicities together.

Adi, Anwar
Xiao, Nan

Vasireddy, Rajesh
Berger, Dan

Chang, Chao
Sharma, Ashish

Shah, Vasudev
Ye, Lan

Dutta, Amit
Fang, Zheng

Fu, Zheng
Rawat, Honomount

Gao, Lan
Mohanty, Satya

He, Yihua
Chen, Shaohui

Jin, Ling
Mayank, Anup

Law, Lap
Luo, Yu

Meza, Julio
Yu, Jia

Winters, Titus single sorry :-(