I am ashamed to even talk about this but I have to do it.
    Your work would have to be original and not identical to projects for other courses
     Some overlap is allowed but it should be STATED in the differences highlighted.
    You have to  reference all resources that you use.
     Obvious things: a) you are not supposed to cut and paste an existing survey or use
    someone's work  (ie a simulator) without clearly stating it. b) You can not fake results.

    Bad incidents take a tremendous toll on my i) energy, ii) time, iii) happiness.
    I would hate to have to deal with any such incident, and the doers will also hate it too. So, let's
    avoid things that will make everybody's life miserable.

    NOTE: if something is not clear whether it is allowed or not, ask (colleagues, profs, me).
    Especially newcomers will have to learn the local work ethics.