List of papers for 204 Winter 2001.

(*) denotes paper that should be read FIRST and  more carefully.

Note: the list will be increased.

ACRONYMS: ToN stands for IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking.
INFOCOM and SIGCOMM are usually found online for free.
 A good way to locate papers is to find the authors and go their web-site.
Furthemore, people are happy to email their work to you.
 Often www seraches are just as effective (Google works for me).


(*) M. Ramalho, "Intra- and Inter-Domain Multicast Routing
Protocols: A Survey and Taxonomy"
(a survey of Internet multicast protocols)

(*) "Multipoint Communications: A survey
of protocols, functions, and mechanisms"
C. Diot and W. Dabbous and J. Crowcroft
IEEE Journal of Selected Areas in Communications
volume 15, number 13, pp"277-290", April, 1997

(*) Faloutsos et al. "QoSMIC: a QoS Sensitive
Internet Multicast protoCol", SIGCOMM'98.

D. Estrin et al.
The PIM Architecture for Wide Area Multicast Routing
IEEE/ACM Trans. on Networking, volume 4,
no.2, April 1997, pp.153-161

Internet Traffic

(*) Paxson, "End-to-end routing behavior in the Internet", IEEE/ACM
Transactions on Networking, vol. 5, no. 5, pp. 601--615, Oct.

(*) Allen B. Downey, Colby College.
"Using pathchar to Estimate Internet Link Characteristics"

Crovella and Bestavros, "Self-similarity in WWW traffic:
evidence and possible causes", IEEE ToN, December 1997.

Network Topology
(*) R. Govindan et al. "Heuristics for Internet Map Discovery", INFOCOM 2000.
(Measuring the Internet)

(*) 3x Faloutsos "On Power-law relationships of the Internet
topology", SIGCOMM'99.

(*) Kleinberg, " Authoritative Sources in a Hyperlinked Environment"
Earlier version appeared
Nineth Annual ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms., Vol. 15.

(*) Albert-László Barabási, Réka Albert
Emergence of scaling in random networks
Science 286 509-512 (1999)


M. Grossglauser , David Tse (University of California at Berkeley)
"Mobility Increases the Capacity of Mobile Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks"
and matt.pdf
(Note this is the submitted not the final version of the paper)


(*) Clark, "The design philosophy of the DARPA Internet protocols",


(*) Floyd and Jacobson, "Random early detection gateways for congestion
avoidance", ToN, August 1993.

Zhang, "Service disciplines for guaranteed performance service in
packet-switching networks", Proceedings of the IEEE, October

Demers, Keshav and Shenker, "Analysis and simulation of a fair
queueing algorithm", Sigcomm'89.


McKeown et al., "The Tiny Tera: a packet switch core", IEEE Micro
Magazine, February 1997.