IMPORTANT: Keep backup copies of all programming AND written
assignments. Sometimes things get lost. Keeping backups is safe
practice anyway.

All programming assighments must run under linux and
specifically on hill. It is your responsibility to leave enough
time to debug and adopt your program to run under linux.
The reason is that we want all programs to run under a similar
environment to facilitate grade consistency.

Programs should be written in a structured an undrstandable way.
You have to use makefiles

Make sure that you answer fully and to what is asked from you
not what you think it is asked.

If the grader can read it, you loose.
TYping is not required as long as the handwriting is readable.
Keep looking at this page as it is constantly being updated.

Some quick reminders:
* We should all ignore messages in the list that are not from CS
accounts. People that are not brave enough to stand behind
their opinions do not deserve to be heard.
I have instructed the TAs to do the same.
The list is for asking questions or addessing general problems
related to the class. It goes without saying that we do not want
people to reveal solutions to assignments :-) Naturally, one could
give clarifications to explain the problem, but not tips on how to
solve it. One can claim that there is a grey area there. Please use
your judgment. However, when in doubt, avoid posting. Let the TAs
and me provide the necessary clarifications.
ABUSE OF THIS POLICY WILL HAVE CONSEQUENCES, both personal and class-wide in somce cases.
For example, if solutions are circulated and we find while grading
that this evaluating the assignment is mute, we may cancel
or repeat the assignment.
Naturally, if identified the culprits will be held accountable for
their actions.
I do not want to have to think about this again. Let us all behave.
* Plagiarism. If you use sources other than the two textbooks and
your notes for programming or written assignments, you are expected
to report it on the assignment.
Obviously the purpose of any assignment is not to see how well you
can surf the web, so I would strongly discourage this pratice.
Using the web as a tool to study is another thing.
Copying from a textbook or a site is not appropriate.
However, if you do you are better off reporting the external source.
Also, lending code or text is not the sign of a good friend. A good
friend does not impose on a friend jeopardizing both academic careers.
Discussing a problem or helping out is a different thing.
My apologies to the mature well-behaved majority. This is for the
few outliers.