Md Abid Hasan

PhD Candidate

Advisor: Prof. Stefano Lonardi

Algorithms and Computational Biology Lab
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Engineering Building Unit II, Room 362
University of California
Riverside CA 92521

Current Research

Classification of Stable/Unstable Nucleosomes in Plasmodium falciparum

Nucleosomes are the fundamental packaging unit for genomic DNA in eukaryotic cells. The presence and location of nucleosomes in the genome affects a variety of cellular functions and metabolic processes. The objective is to predict the location of nucleosomes solely from the primary DNA sequence.

Recent publications

  1. Hasan M. A. , Hasan M. K. and Mottalib M. A. “Linear Regression based Feature Selection for Microarray Data Classification”, Int. J. Data Mining and Bioinformatics , 2015, Vol 11, Issue 2, pp. 167-179