Md Abid Hasan

PhD Candidate

Advisor: Prof. Stefano Lonardi

Algorithms and Computational Biology Lab
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Engineering Building Unit II, Room 362
University of California
Riverside CA 92521

Current Research

Identifying Genetic Diversity in Cowpea

For cowpea pan genome, need to identify a subset of samples that best represents the cowpea population. Our research is to find the feature that best represent the diversity in cowpea using the MiniCore SNP data of 384 cowpea samples collected from different region of the world.

Recent publications

  1. A. Polishko, M. A. Hasan , W. Pan, Evelien M. B. Karine L. R. Stefano L. “ThIEF: Finding Genome-wide Trajectories of Epigenetic Marks”, WABI 2017 [accepted]
  2. Hasan M. A. , Hasan M. K. and Mottalib M. A. “Linear Regression based Feature Selection for Microarray Data Classification”, Int. J. Data Mining and Bioinformatics , 2015, Vol 11, Issue 2, pp. 167-179