UCR's Trail of Shame

The big letter C is located on the eastern edge of Riverside, above the UCR campus, on the slopes of Box Springs Mountains.

Years ago, the hike up to the big letter C used to be an enjoyable nature experience. Expansive views, beautiful rock formations, a variety of local plants (flowers in the spring), and wildlife: rabbits, coyotes, lizards and snakes. With some luck, you could catch a glimpse of a deer or a bobcat.

Not anymore. The trail has now been thoroughly vandalized. The abundance of Greek letters and other campus-related signs leaves little doubt as to who's mostly responsible for the graffiti. See below (click on images to enlarge).

If you support efforts to stop the degradation of the natural habitat along the C trail, consider signing the petition to remove the big letter C.

What used to be beautiful rocks.

2018 Vandals of the Year (20+ rocks vandalized).


Other assorted vandals.

The quarter must have started.

We're number 1.

A well-hidden sign.

To the dumbasses that do this:

A few years back my dog got injured on a piece broken glass near the C and ended up in surgery. He was lucky. For coyotes, bobcats and deer, such injury could mean a slow and painful death.