San Gorgonio (11,500 ft), April 1999

Me, Jeff, Andy and two Andy's friends whose names I don't recall. One of them took the pictures below.

Spectacular view of snow covered trees. Me and Jeff (incognito) at the summit.

Alta Peak (11,204ft), Sequoia NP, September 1991

Four theoreticians: me, Bogdan Chlebus, Piotr Berman, and Mohan Paturi. First day we hiked up to Pear Lake, where we camped. Next day we climbed cross-country Alta Peak (11,204ft), and then followed a weak trail to Moose Lake (10,530ft). We came down cross-country to the camp, getting lost a few times, but we made it luckily before dark. The third, last day we hiked up along Marble Fork Kaweah River, reaching Tableland around noon. After a brief swim in an unnamed lake at 11,000ft, we walked towards Table Meadow and then down to the camp.

Wolverton, the trailhead. From left, Mohan, me, Bogdan, and Piotr, catching some breath on the way to Moose Lake.

Near Alta Peak, Sequoia NP, May 1992

Darek, a high-school friend, visited me in May 1992. We didn't have to argue about what to do ... We hiked to Panter Gap and then went cross-coutry to Heather Lake and back.

Trailhead. Me and Darek, ready to go. Cloudy view from Panter Gap.

Mt. Whitney (14,496ft), Sierra Nevada, September 1992

I went all by myself, but I met four fellow Poles at the ranger station in Lone Pine. First day we hiked from Whitney Portal (8,365ft) to Trail Camp (12,039ft) where we camped. One of the Polish girls had a birthday that day. We partied till midnight: balloons, champagne, music, the strangest party I ever attended. Next day we hiked to the summit. I came down the same day and drove home.

On the trail, just past Whitney pass. Hey, I made it. My favourite shot: clouds surrounding the peak.

San Gorgonio, San Bernardino Mountains, October 1995

Me, Shi-ichi Nakano, Oliver Theel and (delirous) John Gibson.

Cottonwood Lakes, Inyo NF, August 1995

We rode horses from Horshoe Meadow to Cottonwood Lakes. The picture shows my daughter Agata with the guide, with the summit of Mt. Langley in the background.