CS215, Theory of Computation, Winter 2017
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Instructor: Marek Chrobak, Chung Hall 354, 827-2244, marek@cs.ucr.edu.

Office hours: Monday 2-3PM.

Schedule: MWF 4:10-500 PM, INTS 2130. Starting Feb. 27, changed to TR 2:10-3:00 PM, PRCE 3374.

Textbook: M. Sipser, Introduction to the Theory of Computation.

Grading: Homeworks 25%, Entrance Quiz 5%, Midterm 25%, Final 45%.
Course grades are expected to be determined as follows: A = 85-100%, B = 75-84%, C = 65-74%.

Academic Honesty Policy: All students must print, read and sign the academic integrity statement . Return the signed statement by Monday, January~23.


Entrance Quiz. Wednesday, January 18, 25 minutes.

Quiz syllabus

Sample quizzes:

Midterm. Wednesday, February 15.

Syllabus (tentative)

Sample midterms:

Final: Saturday March 18th, 8:00am-10:30am, SPR 2212.


  Homework Assignments

Homework Assignments. There will be 5 homework assignments. They will be posted every second Monday, starting January 9, and will be due two weeks later (except for the last one).

Homework assignments are designed for groups of two students. Each group submits one paper with two names on it. Each assignment will have three problems that need to be solved. Although it is not recommended, you are allowed to work on homework assignments by yourself, in which case you should only solve the first two problems (not just any two).

All homework assignments must be neatly typed and formatted in LaTeX. Papers must be written in a grammatically correct English. The solutions must be complete, well organized, and presented with clarity and rigor. Prior to submitting your first assignment you must read the posted guidelines for homework papers and follow them throughout the quarter. Incorrect or poorly written homework assignments will be returned (and lose 20% of credit), and students will be given two extra days to correct them.


  LaTeX help

Homework Template in LaTeX:

A Turing Machine template in LaTeX:

LaTeX resources

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