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I am looking for graduate students with interest in
      Programming languages and verification and
      Concurrent and distributed algorithms.

Concurrency and distribution is ubiquitous in computing. They are increasingly used as means of achieving throughput, responsiveness and fault-tolerance. Concurrent and distributed systems are backed by subtle algorithms that are prone to bugs. Correctness of these algorithms is the focus of my research. I apply programming and verification techniques to program, specify and verify these algorithms and build reliable concurrent and distributed systems. We are at the beginning of an era of systems with formal guarantees of correctness. The demand and opportunity for building reliable systems is enormous. As a graduate student, you have the opportunity to formalize and engineer these systems.
This broad area of research includes but is not limited to Design, programming model, verification and synthesis of concurrent and distributed algorithms including concurrent data structures, distributed data stores, concurrent and distributed transactions and distributed currency; Verified compilation and synthesis of concurrent and distributed programs; Consistency conditions and memory models

Requirements include
      Strong motivation to grow and enthusiasm to learn
      Background in programming languages, and operating systems
      Fluency in written and spoken English and communication skills

Ph.D. students will be fully funded by salary and social benefits.

Students interested to work on exciting projects in sunny California, please send your resume and your thoughts about my previous publications to lesani@cs.ucr.edu.