jacob lewallen: state

What is State?

State is a suite of tools for monitoring a network of machines. It falls under the same category of software as Nagios or Big Brother. You tell State how your network looks and should behave and State warns you when things start to deviate from that rhythm. Many different aspects of a network can be monitored, from disk space and load average to machine connectivity. Recently, support for recording performance statistics into RRD databases has been added.


State is brand new, and has only undergone minor testing on our local network. We expect quite a few hiccups after the initial release as we smooth out all of the kinks. We'd love to hear of any problems you have compiling, installing, configuring, and running State. Just drop us and e-mail with as many details as possible. We'd like to make State's documentation and the software itself as solid as possible. We welcome all complaints, from security to spelling mistakes. We're here for you.


Mailing List For discussing new State features, bugs, and help. Both users and developers are welcome.
Screens (New) Some simple screen captures of the WWW frontend showing various features.
FM Entry Link to the FM entry for State.


To get State, the fastest way is to simply download directly from the Subversion repository:

svn co https://svn.cs.ucr.edu/svn/jlewalle/state/trunk/state state-trunk

From there, you can prepare the downloaded sources to building by running buildconf in the top-level directory:

cd state-trunk && ./buildconf

Then, run the standard configure, make, make install series. To install/setup the web interface you'll need to grab that from Subversion also:

svn co https://svn.cs.ucr.edu/svn/jlewalle/state/trunk/webfe state-webfe

To run the web interface, just do:

ruby script/server -e production

It is just a standard ruby on rails application, so you'll need all of that installed to procede (many other tools/things in State use Ruby).


Basically, my goal is to keep as much of the documentation in the docs package, rather than having much of it here on the web site. Thankfully, I can link you to those pages from here to help give you some ideas and get you started.

Manual (multi-page)
Manual (single-page)


If you have any question or concerns you can e-mail me, jacob and I'll try to take good care of you. In addition, there's a mailing list for discussing State available here.