Compiler Construction
CS 201 Fall 2021 Schedule

Date Topic to be covered Reference Lecture Notes
Th, Sept. 23 Introduction . PPT
T, Sept. 28 Control Flow Analysis . PPT
Th, Sept. 30 Data Flow Analysis (informal) . PPT
T, Oct. 5 Data Flow Analysis Framework (formal) PDF PPT
Th, Oct. 7 Code Optimizations: Copy Propagation . PPT
T, Oct. 12 Constant Propagation & Constant Folding PDF PPT
Th, Oct. 14 Static Single Assignment Form PDF PPT
T, Oct. 19 SSA-based Sparse Conditional Constant Propagation
and Global Value Numbering
Th, Oct. 21 Review . PPT
T, Oct. 26 Exam-I Exam-I PPT
Th, Oct. 28 Partial Redundancy Elimination PDF PPT
T, Nov. 2 Partial Dead Code Elimination PDF PPT
Th, Nov. 4 Interprocedural Data Flow Analysis PDF PPT
T, Nov. 9 Machine Code Generation . PPT
Th, Nov. 11 Veterans day . .
T, Nov. 16 Register Allocation PDF PPT
Th, Nov 18 Acyclic Instruction Scheduling: Trace Scheduler PDF PPT
T, Nov. 23 Cyclic Instruction Scheduler: Circular Scheduling PDF PPT
Th, Nov. 25 Thanksgiving . .
T, Nov. 30 Review . PPT
Th, Dec. 2 Exam-II Exam-II Exam-II