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Christian R. Shelton, Professor

Tutorial on Continuous-Time Markov Processes (2014)

by Christian R. Shelton and Gianfranco Ciardo

Abstract: A continuous-time Markov process (CTMP) is a collection of variables indexed by a continuous quantity, time. It obeys the Markov property that the distribution over a future variable is independent of past variables given the state at the present time. We introduce continuous-time Markov process representations and algorithms for filtering, smoothing, expected sufficient statistics calculations, and model estimation, assuming no prior knowledge of continuous-time processes but some basic knowledge of probability and statistics. We begin by describing ``flat'' or unstructured Markov processes and then move to structured Markov processes (those arising from state spaces consisting of assignments to variables) including Kronecker, decision-diagram, and continuous-time Bayesian network representations. We provide the first connection between decision-diagrams and continuous-time Bayesian networks.

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Christian R. Shelton and Gianfranco Ciardo (2014). "Tutorial on Continuous-Time Markov Processes." Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research, 51, 725-778. pdf          

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