CS205: Artificial Intelligence

Winter 2005

Location: Olmsted Hall 1126
Time: Tuesday and Thursdays 11:10am - 12:30pm
Text: Russell & Norvig, 2nd edition
Instructor: Christian Shelton
Office Hours: Wednesdays 3:00pm - 5:00pm

SyllabusJanuary 4, 2005ps
Problem Set 1January 6, 2005 (updated January 11, 2005)ps code
Problem Set 1 SolutionsJanuary 20, 2005ps code
Problem Set 2January 27, 2005ps figure 1 figure 2 code
Problem Set 2 SolutionsFebruary 10, 2005ps code
Problem Set 3February 17, 2005ps code
Problem Set 3 SolutionsMarch 3, 2005ps code
Problem Set 4March 1, 2005ps code (last modified on March 14th)

The final competition is complete. You can view the results.